COVID-19 Response and Recovery

A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our existence with a force never-before seen in the modern world. Its impact is potentially devastating in terms of the global health, economic, and social impacts as our collective selves, including governments, communities and individuals, grapple with the realities on the ground and in our daily lives. 

Moreover, there is increasing evidence that the pandemic is exacerbating structural economic and social inequities and increasing the associated burden, risks and costs for vulnerable populations across the globe. Governments, communities, global institutions, private sector, civil society and academia are all working to take action on the pandemic response and recovery. 

Recognizing that the global response and recovery to the pandemic requires “all hands on deck”, Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) has mobilized and launched activities aligned with our strategic pillars of entrepreneurship and advocacy while leveraging our partners and collaborators to increase our collective impact. 

As a starting point, WEI recognizes that the issues impacting women and girls must be addressed within the broader context of the response and recovery as it affects every human being. We are committed to working on the comprehensive issues with a particular focus on addressing the specific issues impacting women, girls and under-represented groups, particularly in the global south, as we “build back better” and increase collective resilience in the face of future pandemics and shocks.

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International Conference Focuses on Women’s Economic Empowerment

International Conference Focuses on Women’s Economic Empowerment

January 24, 2020 - By WEI Media Team
Women's Economic Empowerment: Opportunities and Challenges for Equity, Inclusive Growth, and Sustainability were discussed during the first international Conference held in November in Scotland and presented by the Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) in partnership with Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES). The conference focussed on engaging participants in active dialog and catalysing concrete actions to help advance the global agenda
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