Press Release
International Women’s Day 2018

Launch of the Women’s Economic Imperative

What is WEI?

Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) is a global, collaborative initiative to promote women’s economic empowerment, built on four pillars: financial inclusion, digital inclusion, entrepreneurship and advocacy.

WEI has been founded in response to the Call to Action of the United Nations’ Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. WEI aims to drive concrete, sustainable and measurable progress for women in the economic sphere, whether in the workplace or as entrepreneurs.

WEI is committed to empowering women as economic actors globally, by:

  • Leveraging individual and collective investments in women’s economic empowerment to catalyze transformative action;
  •  Engaging in strategic partnerships and mobilizing resources to implement initiatives that deliver results;
  • Advocating for changes in norms, laws, and policies that affect women as economic actors;
  •  Spotlighting and fostering women’s leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation in the economic sphere.

Launched on International Women’s Day 2018, the WEI platform mobilizes a group of Champions whose inspiring work in diverse fields ensures that women who are working to economically empower themselves have a powerful global network of allies. WEI focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs who are venturing in traditionally male-dominated spheres, providing them with technical and financial support. WEI is particularly interested in initiatives that are innovative, disruptive and sustainable. A large number of partners and sponsors have decided to support WEI in its drive towards ensuring the economic empowerment of women around the world.

#WEIForward Social Media Campaign

On March 8, WEI kicks off with the #WEIForward social media campaign, mobilizing champions of women’s economic empowerment & partners from across four continents. In this campaign, people from across the world will voice their commitment to women’s economic empowerment as the #WEIForward.

Below are a few examples of contributions:


Paula Tavares in the US supports the #WEIForward

“I have committed to promoting legal gender equality around the world to ensure that all women everywhere have equal opportunities in society and the economy. It’s the #WEIForward!”








Valrie Grant in Jamaica supports the #WEIForward

“We are THE CHANGE because we are helping growth-oriented entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses sustainably. We are the #WEIForward.”











Yasmine Fofana in the UK supports the #WEIForward

“Women’s Economic Empowerment is imperative because it provides women with greater opportunity to become independent and lead the lives they want. It’s the #WEIForward!”





Equal Community Foundation in India supports the #WEIForward

“We are committed to ending gender-based discrimination by raising gender-equitable boys who challenge gender norms and power structures to collectively build a supporting agency for women’s economic empowerment. It’s the #WEIForward!




For further information about WEI & the #WEIForward social media campaign, please send us an email at:

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